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Watch here for upcoming gatherings!!!

PLEASE if you know of someone who is interested, encourage them to contact me so I can put their name on my email list.  Also, friends are invited.

The 55 & Alive group is planning to attend the “The
Road Crew, American’s Rt. 66 Band’ concert at the
Joliet Rialto on Friday, October 20th at 8pm.
If you are interested please let Sharon Hedgren
know before July 30th !
She will be purchasing the tickets as a group on 7/31
$20 (You can pay her when you see her)
We will be going to dinner at 5:15 at the new Wild
Horse’ Restaurant in Joliet, on W. Jefferson
After July 31st, anyone can purchase their own tickets
but you may not be seated with the group.
Please let Sharon Hedgren or Lana Stafford know if you are interested in going.