Prayer Request

Michael N, August 14, 2022 - 11:11 pm

Tired/exhausted beyond what's healthy. Sickly with brain fog having to take naps throughout day. Unemployed. Rent raised. Need new job and money fast. Need God to empower me with energy and open doors in order to survive. 57, no wife, no friends, can't afford rent. A health boost & Miracle financial breakthrough is needed. In Jesus name, pls. No more plotting along. A lifetime of stagnation, failure, loneliness, broken dreams. It's getting worse. My heath and finances are dwindling. I want to thrive & not have survive or struggle anymore. I would like a finance miracle where I have enough money to buy a house and retire. Right now I'm worrie due to rent raised, groceries raised, gas raised, being sickly tired, and no job.