History of the Channahon United Methodist Church

Rev. Isaac Pool was the first Methodist Minister in Channahon. He came in 1852 and preached in a house on Canal Road owned by Russel Tryon.

On August 8, 1854 Edward and Hannah Jessup deeded to the trustees and their successors a lot of ground upon which they were to erect or build a place of worship for the use of the Methodist Episcopal Church. The church was built by E.W. Sage. Rev Adams was the minister.

The big bell was bought in December 1856 costing $239.00. It was first used for a New Year’s watch party December 31, 1856. After that it was used for worship services, funerals, weddings and to summon help for a fire in the community.

In 1875 an addition of a social room, also used for kitchen and dining room was added to the back of the church. In 1877 a new Packard Organ was bought for $114.00. In 1881 a carpet was purchased, also new lamps.

In October 1919, Rev. Clarence Diecks came to Elwood and Channahon. May 3, 1923 the grade and High School building burned. The first six grades had school in the back room of the church until the new school was built.

On March 19, 1926, during a bad electrical storm, the church was struck by lightning and burned. We then had our worship services and Sunday School in the gymnasium of the new school until our new church was built.

The new church, which cost $10,.500.00, was built just south of the old church building site and was dedicated January 16, 1927. Rev. Chenowith was our minister at this time.

From 1917 to 1951, we were on the Elwood-Channahon Charge. A student was usually appointed to this charge and was in Elwood on weekends and came to Channahon on Sunda morning. They were paid $300.00 a year until 1934, when it was raised to $400.00.

In 1951, we were added to the Manhattan Charge and Rev. Robert Prater served until Palm Sunday 1952.

Rev. Ben day came in July 1952 and served both churches for 2 years. In 1954 he was appointed to serve Channahon alone. It was under his leadership that our new parsonage was built on the lot south of the church. The lot cost $1,000.00 and the parsonage $12,600.00. All the labor was donated by the men and women of the community and under the supervision of Harold Randolph, Sr. Our parsonage was soon completed.

In September 1955, Rev. Meeder came to Channahon and stayed until June 1959. During his leadership 75 persons joined the church and our new educational addition was built. The new addition was dedicated May 24, 1959 and cost $64,450.00. This addition also enlarged our dining room, added a study for our pastor and a large room for our “Thrift Shop”. 

In 1999 we built a new worship place on Eames Road which is our third building.

In 2014 we added a fellowship hall and new thrift shop by a donation from Dorothy Randall.