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United Women in Faith
Making history this Women’s History Month …





It’s been a big day for United Methodist Women. We’ve shared our new look, launched our new website and debuted a new name: United Women in Faith.
I’m writing not just to share the news but to send you the new logo to get you started as well as the color palette and suggested fonts. A complete brand book, logo set and other templates will be available soon. You know I’ll keep you posted!
At this link you’ll find the logo files and a PDF with the color scheme and fonts (and how to get them).
Share the news
To help spread the word, here is a brief news story on new website, and here is the March/April digital issue of response, which includes an article announcing and explaining the changes and is free for everyone!
You can also share the announcement video, and continue to watch our Facebook page for graphics and news you can also share. Today’s Faith Talk will be available as a podcast soon as well.
Share the reassurance
This is a lot of new to take on at once. But, to me, our new brand isn’t about trying to be different but about trying to better express who we are.
We remain the official women’s organization of The United Methodist Church. “Methodist” is no longer part of our public name, but it is a part of how we understand God and the work of faith. We are United Methodist.
We are also inclusive. The new name invites even more women into our work. That’s a good thing for us and the church!
Members are going to have questions. I’m sure you have some of your own. The FAQs in the response article are a good start, and more answers will come. The Purpose remains the purpose. Our structure remains the same (just with more ways to join in the work). The core of who we are remains the same.
We are just in the first stage of our debut. The website will grow in the days to come, and you’ll see the new branding start to roll out in more places. You do not need to rebrand overnight. You can ease into the new name and look, but you can also feel free to jump right in!
Share the faith, action and sisterhood
We’ve been around for 153 years now—not because we stay the same but because we’re willing to follow God’s call to new places. We are love in action. We are a faith-driven sisterhood ready to change the world. You are a crucial part of a bright future. I’m so glad I get to do this work with you.